Bargaining Council for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry
KwaZulu Natal

A Brief History

The BCFMIKZN, has been in existence for more than 50 years. The Council originated under the Industrial Conciliation Act of 1937 and was registered as an Industrial Council on 3 July 1954.

The Labour Relations Act of 1995 (the Act) created a new legislative framework whereby “Industrial Councils” became “Bargaining Councils.”

The new dispensation moved away from the criminal punitive measures to a more flexible conciliatory approach, giving impetus to the thrust, purpose and objectives of the new Statute.

Our Legal Basis

The Council is a Statutory body and has been registered in terms of Section 29(15)(a) of the Act, as a bargaining council (Department of Labour reference LR 2/6/6/33).

The primary function of the Council is to promote and facilitate collective bargaining at sectoral level ; and to give effect to Section 23 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as contained in Chapter 2 of the Bill of Rights.