About the Council

Our Main Objectives

  • to consider and regulate matters of mutual interest in accordance with the provisions of the Act;
  • to present and resolve labour disputes;
  • to promote good relationships between employers and employees;
  • to use its endeavours generally in the direction of maintaining industrial peace;
  • to secure the complete organisation of employers and employees in the industry;
  • to negotiate and conclude collective agreements;
  • to enforce those collective agreements and to secure recognition and observance by all persons in the industry of any agreements relating to wages and working conditions negotiated by the Parties;
  • to consider advise and make proposals or representations to NEDLAC or any other appropriate forum on policy and legislation that may affect the Council’s sector and area.

Our Area of Jurisdiction

The Areas covered by the Collective Agreement is as it appears within the preamble of the various Collective Agreements under Administration.